Maria Showalter has a master’s in education and her career in the educational system focused on helping adults and children embrace their gifts, strengths, and goodness.  She continues her passion through the art and science of holy listening through Spiritual Direction. Her training is through Stillpoint, a Christian tradition that welcomes people of all faiths.

 Spiritual Direction is a contemplative and reflective process which holds sacred space and listens deeper for the divine presence in your heart.  It may be described as compassionate listening, spiritual accompaniment, or spiritual mentoring.  It assists in identifying and trusting your experience with God, Spirit, Universe, Source, and Divine Presence …etc. and cultivates and integrates spirituality into your daily life.

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, or life coaching. 

Maria is available through the High Mesa Healing Center.

If you are interested in exploring the movement of God/Spirit in your life, or would like to deepen your spiritual practice, please contact me at: 

575-442-6709 or

Spiritual Direction

Deeper Connection to the Divine

Maria Showalter

Spiritual Director

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