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Richard Powell is now... Dr. Richard Powell

Please join me in congratulating Richard Powell, one of our visiting practitioners, on June 28th, Richard finished his doctorate! And we are so excited for him! Dr. Richard Powell, received this accolade from The Peace Theological Seminary and The College of Philosophy in Los Angeles.

I feel so honored to have known Richard for some 30 years now. We met in El Paso, when we were both enrolled in the Insight Seminars. Last year Sandi Browne brought Richard out to High Mesa Healing Center. It was great to reconnect after all this time.. Taking advantage of this fortuitous opportunity I scheduled him to do a workshop at High Mesa. since then he has come nearly every month and has completed ten workshops at High Mesa to date.

These classes and Richard's personal touch has made a positive impact on this community. I personally have received so many gifts and tools that I am using on a daily basis as I walk this journey with Spirit. It seems that I am able to get more done with less effort. This gives me peace of mind as I go about my days work with grace and ease.

Thank you Richard for Being and for being here at High Mesa Healing Center!

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