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Tai Chi

8 week sessions


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Tai Chi Class

Jim Blackburn, Village Wellness co-owner, has been a student of Tai Chi for many years and began his training to teach in 1992. He has studied with several masters and grandmaster's, the most influential being Sifu Carol Mancuso and Grandmaster W.C.C. Chen and Ken Cohen. Jim is also a Certified Rolfer* and Rolf Movement Instructor, graduating from the highly acclaimed Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1995. He applies his varied athletic experience and strong knowledge of anatomy to deepen his instruction concerning breathwork, body awareness and structural alignment during each Tai Chi Chuan and/or Rolfing session. Join him for relaxing, meditative classes that will improve your flexibility, strengthen your legs, increase your cardiovascular conditioning and fine tune your balance. Jim also teaches Eastern philosophy, meditation and is an instructor of wellness workshops in the community and at High Mesa Healing Center.

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