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April Events

April 20th at 6 pm we will be hosting Mike Barker(@high-vibe.yogi), for a special Cannabis Use and Sound Bath Ceremony.

Mike will lead us in an intentional use cannabis sound bath ceremony. 

Cannabis has been used for centuries in various cultural and spiritual rituals, and for many people, incorporating cannabis into their daily routine can be a powerful way to connect with the plant and experience its therapeutic benefits.

Sound Therapy and Vibrational healing share many of the same benefits.

A combined Cannabis and Sound Healing ritual is an intentional practice that involves the use of cannabis and sound as tools to promote spiritual, emotional, or physical well-being.

The purpose of this combined ritual is to create a space for the intentional use of cannabis and sound in combination, to enhance the therapeutic effects of both practices. This will allow the user to connect more deeply with the plant and vibrations.  These rituals can be a powerful way to enhance creativity, reduce anxiety and stress, and deepen spiritual or emotional connections.

Please bring a yoga mat, any blankets, pillows, or props you desire to lay in comfort, and your favorite cannabis to consume at this ceremony. This is an over 21, invite-only, donation-based event. Please RSVP to 512-550-8530 as space is limited.

We are located in Alto / Ruidoso NM we are in south central New Mexico. Three hours west of Alburqueque and 2 1/2 hours SE of El Paso TX. We offer a secluded retreat setting, for all to expand their lives with healing modalities. Come to reflect and retreat from life to heal from the inside out. The Labyrinth is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Make sure you visit our Directions page we are a bit hard to find, but so worth the trip! 

The High Mesa Healing Center labyrinth, yurt, and grounds are available for weekend retreats and spiritual gatherings.
FREE for non-profits!
If you are local and need a place to meet or if you are a teacher (we love educators!) looking for a great place for your next retreat please.
Contact Us!
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