High Mesa Healing Center founder and principle teacher, Barbara Mader, has been a Registered Nurse for 60 years and is a member of the AHNA American Holistic Nurses Association and ANA American Nurse Association.  She started her training in alternative therapies in 1987 when she became a Reiki Master.  Over 30 years ago she became a Healing Touch Practitioner which is the foundation for her healing sessions with clients .

INTUITIVE HEALING SESSION - This is Barbara's own special blend of healing therapies.  Her sensitivities to her client’s needs have grown through her 30+ years of training and experience. She is certified in all of the modalities mentioned below, and has practiced her healing arts for many years. As a result, healing sessions with Barbara have a form all their own. She is able to open herself to an understanding of just what a client needs from her, even when the client is not exactly sure what s/he needs. An individual session with Barbara may include any, or several, of the therapies mentioned here and is enhanced by the extremely high level of integrity that Barbara brings to the session. 

The InLight Medical LED light therapy system is different from any other pain relief remedy you’ve tried. LED light therapy supports the body’s natural healing processes to reduce pain and inflammation. Wavelengths of multicolored light, known as polychromatic light, deliver unique benefits such as acute or chronic pain relief, wound healing and increase circulation. Read more about InLight Therapy 

MIGUN BED - MIGUN -Thermal Massage Systems represent the fusion of Asian and Western Medical techniques. Inspired by the effects of Acupressure. Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy(Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage, MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems provide you with total health, relaxation and balance. The use of heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response, also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the musculature.

Chi Machine - Benefits include temporary muscle pain relief, increase in local blood circulation and oxygen via gentle motion of the entire body, energy increase, mental focus, stable back support alignment (used lying flat), promotes lymph drainage (as documented in Australian clinical trials), internal massage, physical and mental release from tension, fatigue and stress, the promotion of deeper, improved breathing and balance of the autonomic nervous system. When the machine stops, a unique rush of Chi energy is felt from head to toe.
Barbara's techniques include, and are a blend of:
With these wonderful skills, Barbara’s work often leads to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Clients describe their sessions with her as life altering, spiritually transforming, and totally regenerative. Stress is released and body mind and spirit find new alignment. 

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