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It was a very magical experience, one I shall remember for many years to come. My level of compassion
has changed, and I am listening to whats around me with a much keener sense. MJ 

Thank you for having your wonderful center. I really enjoy you and all the people in the center when I come. I have been looking for something like what you have provided. You are an awesome healer and facilitator. It's great to see how much the group is growing and changing. So lovely to see.

I did the weekend workshop with Jennifer Ledbetter, Reiki Master, October 26-28th. She was at High Mesa in July and I missed her then. So I was so glad to be a part of this workshop. Jennifer is a certified Reiki Master and the founder of Reiki Memphis, it's obvious that  she loves bringing Reiki to others. I have taken Reike classes from others but her angelic energy made it a really a special event. JM

Thanks for all of your wonderful help.  You have been a life saver and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I would not be at this place in my life without your help. If it wasn't for all of your love, healing and compassion I would not be on this spiritual path. I was searching for something and I never knew what it was.  TK 
Barbara has a youthful and generous spirit. She is a joy to know, and truly gives and lives from her heart. I am greatful to have discovered the labors of her love in the form of High Mesa Healing Center.  HO 
What a wonderful, calming ambience I experienced there, and I have you to thank for it Barbara. My eyes were opened to realizing that I share control of my health with my Creator and any unresolved issues with the people in our lives can and do make one physically unwell. The good news is that I have never felt better!  ML
Previously I was a bubbling cauldron of resentments. Past hurts were always at the surface, nagging me. I knew I must forgive those who had hurt me, but I was unable to do so. Now after you Healing Touch therapy I am unable to remember these resentments. They are gone. If there are no resentments then there is no one to forgive. I'm sure I could recall them If I tried, but I don't care to try.  LC
I feel so blessed to have met you. God just keeps continuing to work in my life and I truly feel blessed. Thank you for sharing your slice of Heaven.  WP
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