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More about Our Founder, Barbara Mader and

High Mesa Holistic Healing Center and Spa 

Babara Mader RN,HTP, RM founded High Mesa Healing Center in 1992 after being lead by a series of events to purchase this majestic property. She has dedicated her life to being of service and has been a Register Nurse for over 60 years. She has studied many healing modalities extensively and she combines this wide body of knowledge in her healing sessions with clients. For more information visit the Healing Therapies page. She has co-created with spirit a unique Healing Center here in south central New Mexico that has a high positive vibration. Many people who have visited High Mesa and spent time here have gone on to make radical changes in there lives. She is surrounded by a wonderful group of people, all are welcome and new people are arriving all the time! 

Barbara cares deeply about health and healing and she has worked to create community connection that continues to expand.  She has studied many cultures and traditions in 1990 she traveled to Land of the Maya to visit Hunbatz Men at his sacred sanctuary and traveled with him throughout Guatemala, Honduras and Beliz doing ceremony and ritual at the many sacred sites.  And in 2009 during China's 100th year of professional nursing she traveled to visit hospitals, universities and clinics with the American Holistic Nurses Association. She was extended the rare opportunity to speak three times at Universidad de Guanajuato in Mexico. In 2011 the university sent Nursing students to High Mesa to do a rotation in Community Holistic Nursing and then another group visited in 2013 . She brings a rich background in native studies from many cultures to the Full Moon Ceremony which is held here at High Mesa each month.  
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