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World Sound Healing Day: A Global Valentine

You are invited to participate in Global Harmonization and in creating peace and harmony on Earth! Join a toning circle at High Mesa Healing center on February 14, World Sound Healing Day, as we join thousands of others all over the world in sending a sonic valentine to the Earth by projecting Light and Love throughout the planet. Be pro-active! Help create a wave of healing sonic energy that will vibrate and encircle our planet. Toning will begin at 11:45 am and continue to 12:15 pm MST, and you may come and participate for any length of time during that period.. Noon is the target time for highest participation for the sonic wave of love energy in the Mountain time zone.

February 14 has long been a special day. Originally known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, it is a day for celebrating love and affection, and in the U.S. is widely celebrated by sending valentines to friends and lovers. In the last 17 years, people throughout the world who celebrate World Sound Healing Day have been sending a special kind of valentine, a sonic valentine, to Gaia, or Earth Mother, as well as all who dwell on her surface.

World Sound Healing Day was developed by Sound Healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, as well as other sound healers. It has been objectively measured and shown that intentionalized sound facilitates healing and shifts consciousness. It is a powerful experience to participate in group sound, especially on a global level.

The group will be toning the sound of “AH,” which is a universal heart sound and perfect for resonating love and compassion. Those who are able to attend at 11:45 am will participate in a short visualization for heart-brain coherence and to expand heart energy prior to toning, providing the most positive intentions and amplifying the effects of the vibrations.

According to the World Sound Healing Day community on Facebook, there is a threefold purpose for the event:

“1) to positively affect the Earth through the use of sound; 2) to bring awareness of the

power of intentional sound; and 3) to create a conscious community using sound for planetary healing.”

Since its inception, High Mesa Healing Center’s mission through its services, events and resources has been to raise awareness and vibrations and to bring compassionate personal and planetary healing to the local Ruidoso/Alto communities and beyond. World Sound Healing Day exemplifies that purpose and will be connecting our community to other communities throughout the earth. This event will be open to the public to participate, and we look forward to having as many as possible join us in this awesome global experience.

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